A 2 day overview of coral and restoration techniques


Assist on our coral restoration dives

Coral Transplantation

PLEASE NOTE: This course is currently not available. Please contact us if you would like to discuss other options.

This course is designed to teach you about coral reefs, their benefits and the issues they face globally.

To help restore coral reefs, we are approved by the Department of Marine & Coastal Resources to transplant coral, which is one of the ways that we partake in Coral Restoration.

This course will also take you through the stages of transplanting and techniques of using “Corals of Opportunity” to rebuild impacted areas.

In many places around the world, including Thailand, it is illegal to touch or damage coral, so restoration efforts like coral transplantation can be a problem if you are not permitted to conduct it.

We at The Coral Tribe, in association with Crystal Dive Koh Tao, have special permission under the Department of Marine & Coastal Resource to restore coral. You will not be allowed to touch coral but would be assisting us with coral transplantation at our research and restoration areas, and learn the many techniques that suits different corals and locations.


Planning Coral Restoration
Day 1 - Introduction to Coral Restoration

AM – Meet up with your Marine Conservation trainer and go through coral ecology theory.

PM – Head out on the dive boat and complete 2 dives, identifying different coral species and looking at “Corals of Opportunity”.

Day 2 - Introduction to Coral Restoration

AM – Meet up with your Marine Conservation trainer and go through different transplantation techniques for coral restoration.

PM – Assist on 2 coral restoration dives (environmental conditions permitting).


Before beginning any of our marine conservation courses including the Introduction to Coral Restoration, we need you to be a PADI Advanced Open Water Diver with a Peak Performance Specialty certification.

Why? We need our students and interns to have a high level of buoyancy control as we do not want to cause any impacts to the coral reef.

If you do not have these certifications, you can take these short courses before you start your Introduction to Coral Restoration, and boost your underwater skills.

Underwater 3d printed structure


Introduction to Coral Restoration
Diver collecting data
Cleaning Coral Restoration Area

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The first step into saving our coral reefs is knowledge. Join The Coral Tribe and get hands on experience with Coral Restoration.

Introduction to Coral Restoration

* 2 Days & 4 Dives.
* Basic Coral Ecology presentation.
* All materials and dive equipment included.
* Learn different coral restoration techniques.
* Visit our research and artificial dive site.
* Assist our certified coral transplant team.



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