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We are The Coral Tribe.

An organisation devoted to Marine Conservation in Thailand. By training and educating divers and non divers to ocean issues, we hope to improve the health of our oceans and coral reefs with our holistic approach to Marine Conservation.

With over a decade of experience in training, research and a variety of ongoing projects, our main mission is the preservation and restoration of coral reefs so that future generations can benefit from these amazing ecosystems that have been impacted by humans.

Marine Conservation Internship

Who are The Coral Tribe?

We are a group of like minded individuals all focused on the goal of protecting our oceans and coral reefs. With our qualified and certified Marine Conservation Instructors, we conduct marine conservation courses and internships for beginner to graduate level.

Marine Conservation Courses

Marine Conservation Courses

We conduct marine conservation courses for you to be involved in marine science. Learn coral ecology, surveying methodologies, coral restoration techniques, data gathering, research and more.

You do not need to have a research background to be able to start your journey.

All you need is a keen interest in the marine ecosystem and a thirst to know more about how it works and how we can monitor changes and implement strategies to protect the ocean.

Marine Conservation Internships

We have short and long term placements to be a Marine Conservation Intern.

Ranging from 1 week to 3 months, you will join our team and be involved in all our ongoing projects.

Water quality testing, microplastic surveys, beach and ocean debris data collection, coral health monitoring and restoration, invasive species population control, artificial reef maintenance. All these projects and more, will give you a well rounded experience of Marine Conservation.

Marine Conservation Internships
Marine Conservation Projects

Marine Conservation Projects

Working with a variety of organisations, we provide extensive research data to scientists to access around the world.

Using our experience we have selected our research projects that focus on different elements of the ocean. Using all the data from these projects gives us a great understanding of the climate change and human impacts that cause serious harm to the ecosystem.

Scientist and governments can use this data to provide solutions or changes in regulations to protect our coral reefs.

Research Projects



Collecting coral health data using the CoralWatch methodology from The University of Queensland

Dive Against Debris

Dive Against Debris

Recovering and recording ocean debris using the AWARE Dive Against Debris method. 

Fishing Net Removals

Responding to ghost fishing nets and effective removal to prevent long term high impact to the coral reef.

Invasive Species

Invasive Species

Monitoring invasive species population and activities in coral reef areas around the island.



Conducting regular Microplastic surveys in collaboration with The University of Portsmouth.

Mooring Buoys

Mooring Buoys

Deploying and maintaining mooring buoys to prevent damage to coral reefs.



Conducting workshops in recycling and upcycling to reduce our waste.

Reef Check

Reef Check

Reef Check surveys along permanent transects to assess coral reef health over time.

Water Testing

Water Quality

Testing water samples around the island to gather potential pollutant data.


Join The Coral Tribe and take a marine conservation course or marine conservation internship. Get real world practical experience of Marine Conservation for personal or professional development. It will make you see the underwater world with new eyes and give you an experience you will never forget.

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