4 days of training in a variety of citizen science projects


Gather useful data for environmental projects around the world

Divers complete Citizen Science dives

Citizen science is a great way to gather and provide scientists with good quality data for research.

You don’t need a degree to take part. All that is needed is a short presentation to understand the methodology of each project before you can head out diving and start collecting valuable data.

These projects around the world rely on divers like you to help forward their research.

Our 4 day Citizen Science Overview will go through a range of marine conservation based citizen science projects to give you knowledge and experience in some of the research projects around the world.

From plastic research to coral restoration, we will cover a wide range of topics to give you a broad view at the world of citizen science.

You will be able to take these projects home and continue to provide data to these projects.

Microplastic Data Points


Citizen Science Boat Briefing
Day 1 - Citizen Science Overview - CoralWatch

AMCoralwatch presentation with your Marine Conservation Instructor

PM – Conduct 2 Coralwatch dives

Day 2 - Citizen Science Overview - Debris

AMClean Swell beach debris data collection

PMDive Against Debris dives

Day 3 - Citizen Science Overview - Plastics & Pollution

AMMicroplastics Research project

PMWater Quality testing dives

Day 4 - Citizen Science Overview -Recycling & Restoration

AMPlas Tao plastic recycling project

PMCoral Restoration maintenance dives


Before beginning the Citizen Science Overview, we need you to be a PADI Advanced Open Water Diver with a Peak Performance Specialty certification.

Why? With marine conservation and citizen science, we are conducting most of our scuba diving in very close proximity to the coral reefs. We need our students and interns to have a high level of buoyancy control as we do not want to cause any damaging impact to the coral reef.

If you do not have these certifications, you can take these short courses before you start your program and boost your underwater skills.

DMCR with Simon


Clean Swell Citizen Science
Divers clean beach
Citizen Science project discussion

Sign up below to take part in just some of our amazing Citizen Science projects and get an idea of our holistic approach to Marine Conservation. If you would like a full experience of our projects, then sign up for a Marine Conservation Internship starting from 1 week up to 6 months.

This is your chance to contribute to global research projects around the world and provide data to scientists, to improve their research and make a difference.
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Citizen Science Overview

* 4 Days & 8 Dives.
* Covers a range of marine conservation focused projects
* All materials and diving equipment included.
* Collect data for global research
* Visit our research and artificial dive site.
* No hidden costs.



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