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With over a decade of experience in Marine Conservation, we have been an integral part on the ongoing positive changes to Koh Tao. Creating a holistic approach to protecting coral reefs around the island, we focus on training divers and non divers to get involved in marine conservation by participating in coral restoration; citizen science projects; research; internships and community action. Our aim is to work with as many dive centers as possible to create a non-biased group approach to conservation.

With climate changes and human impacts posing a serious threat throughout the globe, our mission is to pass on our knowledge and expertise to students and interns by providing the training and the practical experience for them to take home, to contribute to changes in their own countries.

By conducting a vast range of different research projects and data collection, all aimed at improving coral reefs areas and their inhabitants, with different projects on natural and artificial reefs from coral reef restoration methodologies to corallivore population monitoring, our aim is to gather as much research and data from all factors that can affect coral reef health and not simply focus on single impacts.

Our projects are wide ranging some land based and some underwater giving everyone a chance to get involved. From beginner to graduate level, we have programs to suit anyone who wants to “Join The Tribe” and protect our environment.

Marine Conservation

Over a decade of experience in coral reef  restoration methodologies and techniques.


Diver Training

Offering training in scuba diving and marine conservation focused courses.

Internship Programs

Marine Conservation internships working on a variety of our projects and research.

Marine Research

Offering research areas to conduct your marine conservation thesis and studies for university.

About The Coral Tribe Staff

Jennifer Dowling

Jennifer Dowling

Lead Trainer

 Jenny is the leader of The Coral Tribe. With over a decade of experience in marine conservation, her singular passion is to protect the environment by education and training volunteers, students and interns of issues affecting our oceans. She is a Reef Check Course Director. 

Simon Dowling

Simon Dowling

Marine Conservationist

Simon has been working in Marine Conservation for over a decade. He uses his broadcast media training to spread information globally. He spends almost every dive with a camera, filming coral and marine life, and The Coral Tribe in action, working on their projects.

Dorothy Lee

Dorothy Lee

Marine Conservationist

Since completing Reef Check Foundation’s EcoDiver Course in 2018, Dorothy has become an avid volunteer with The Coral Tribe, participating in all aspects of our projects. She particularly enjoys conducting maintenance at coral restoration dive sites.

Michaella Lampe

Michaella Lampe

Marine Conservationist

After studying environmental sciences and anthropology,  Michaella discovered scuba diving and fell in love! She aims to inspire others to connect with nature and care for our planet through eco diving, environmental education and photography.

About Koh Tao Island

Koh Tao island began its population in 1933 with a prison facility built on the island and political prisoners transferred to it.

This lasted for 11 years before the prison was shut down and prisoners returned to the mainland, leaving the island abandoned back to nature.

In 1947, the island began to see new settlers arriving from nearby islands to use the land for coconut plantations, and they stayed.

30 years later and the first “backpackers” arrived on the island to dive the pristine water and reefs. Those first tourists set the future of Koh Tao as a diving island and it quickly became a “go to” destination.

Skipping forward to more recent times, and the impact that large scale tourism was having on this tiny island that is only 21km square, required things to be changed to protect the coral reefs. Implementing change is a part of our ongoing life on the island. Striving to improve conditions underwater and on land with the whole ecosystem in mind is the basis behind our organisation.


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