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Entry Level Marine Conservation Courses

Diving for Sharks


1 day – theory & diving

Through earning the Project AWARE Specialist certification, you gain awareness of key marine ecosystem challenges and learn actionable steps to contribute to their conservation.

BlackTip Reef Shark

Shark Conservation

1 day – theory & diving

Up to 100 million sharks are killed every year. The population of these important apex predations is in massive decline. Dismiss the myths and learn about Sharks and their value to the marine ecosystem.

Plastic Bottle in the ocean

Dive Against Debris

1 Day – Theory & Diving

Trash in our oceans is a huge problem on our planet.  You can learn how to remove trash on your dives and record trash data for submission to a global database, to help push governments for policy change.

Intermediate Level Marine Conservation Courses

Citizen Science

Citizen Science Overview

4 days – Theory & Diving

4 days packed full of citizen science projects to enable to gather you data on a range of aspects of marine conservation issues.  From analysing water quality to surveying reef life, this program gives you a great overall picture of marine conservation.

Reef Check Eco Diver

Reef Check Eco Diver

4 days – theory & diving

Our most popular marine conservation course. Get certified as a Reef Check Eco Diver and conduct true research data collection, contributing to long term monitoring around the world and providing high quality data to marine scientists and global research.

Reef Survey Tools

Marine Resource Management

5 Days – Theory & Diving

This advanced level course teaches you about the resources available to an ecosystem and how you use them to improve and restore marine enviroments. This course requires you to be a Reef Check Eco diver certification before you can start.

Learn To Dive

Divers on a safety stop

PADI Open Water

4 days – Theory & Diving

To fully immersive yourself in marine conservation, you need to know how to scuba dive. The first level in scuba diving is the PADI Open Water Diver Course. This is where you learn all the basic skills to become a scuba diver and get certified to dive to a maximum of 18 metres, opening up the underwater world for you to explore.

Awesome scuba diver

PADI Advanced Open Water

2 days – Theory & diving

This is the next step in your scuba diving journey. You will learn different dive environments and take 5 different specialised dives to improve your diving skills. This course will certify you to a maximum depth of 30m.
All marine conservation students have to been PADI Advanced Open Water and Peak Performance  Buoyancy Specialists.

Peak Performance Buoyancy

PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy

1 Day – Theory & Diving

A specialty course designed to make you an expert in buoyancy control, which is perfect for those that need to be close to coral when conducting marine conservation. Look like a pro and gain this specialty certification. Once you are a PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy specialist, then our marine conservation courses are your next step.