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Teach students how to survey reefs

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Become certified to teach the Reef Check Eco Diver course, enabling you to create Eco Diver students and start your own Reef Check surveys

This course is designed to build on your knowledge of the Reef Check methods and give you the experience you need to be able to start conducting your own Reef Check Eco Diver courses.

Join on a number of surveys, build up your practical and theorectical experience all under the supervision of a Reef Check Course Director.

Reef Check surveys are taken throughout the globe where coral reefs exist, gathering data on coral reefs that is collected and analysed by key agencies such as the United Nations and many other researchers and scientists.

This important data helps to give a real up to date look at the health of our coral reefs and their historical health status.

Using this data can help governments to change or implement policies to protect or help our coral reefs survive climate or environmental impacts caused by natural or anthroprogenic factors.

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Diver surveys substrate

The schedule for the Reef Check Eco Diver Trainer course is varied due to the amount of prerequisites required to be able to be certified.

If you are already a Reef Check Eco Diver and have participated in many Reef Check surveys then you can build on that experience and assist in teaching new students with the guidance of Course Director Jennifer Dowling.

Perfecting your survey techniques, theorectical knowledge and learning teaching methods to increase students understanding of the materials will all be critical to your success as a Reef Check Eco Diver Trainer.

Supported by all the Reef Check materials and access to our own research and library, you will gain an enormous amount of experience with logistical and application of a Reef Check survey.


Before beginning this high level program we need you to be a PADI RESCUE Diver as a minimum level of diver certification.

You must also be 18 years or over and have 75 dives or more.

You must be a certified Reef Check Eco Diver and have participated in 10 or more surveys, including completing at least 3 of each fish, invertebrate and substrate surveys (2 of each must be within the last 12 months).

If you do not have these prerequisites to begin the course you can take an marine conservation internship to build on these.

Briefing Reef Check Eco Divers


Reef Check Fish Identification
Reef Check Invertebrate survey
Reef Check Eco Divers

Reef Check provides invaluable data to research and scientific organizations helping to manage and monitor resources.

With this program, you can begin to expand your own surveys and teach students the Reef Check standardized methodology.

Scientists and politicians want hard data to make informed decisions.

Spaces in the Trainer program are very limited and are by application only. Get in touch with us below to enquire about the course, or check out our other Marine Conservation Courses.


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