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Become a certified Dive Against Debris diver

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Scuba dives are so much more fun if you have a mission. The mission of the Dive Against Debris diver is to safely remove and collect data on the trash that we find in our ocean.

Marine debris refers to trash discarded by humans: plastic, glass, aluminum cans, fishing nets, etc.

We can reduce the damage caused by removing this debris and creating a healthier ocean.

The Dive Against Debris Course will teach you to plan scuba dives to remove underwater debris and the decision making process to only remove certain items.

It will also be a learning experience to make you realise how much trash is in our oceans today. You will also collect data for global use to push for changes in regulations by governments to reduce debris in our oceans.

Flip Flops found in the ocean


Dive Against Debris briefing
Dive Against Debris Course Schedule

AM – Orientation & Knowledge Development presentations with your Marine Conservation Instructor

PM – Dive Against Debris Dive following the 5 steps for recording and reporting data as per the Dive Against Debris survey Guide. Once dives are completed, we return to base to upload the data online.


Before beginning any of our marine conservation courses including the Dive Against Debris, we need you to be a PADI Advanced Open Water Diver with a Peak Performance Specialty certification.

We want to conduct our marine conservation with no damaging impact to the coral reefs, so we need our divers to have ultimate buoyancy.

If you do not have these certifications, you can take these short courses before you start your Dive Against Debris Course, and boost your underwater skills.

Student finds plastic bottle


Diver collects ocean debris
Separating Dive Against Debris Trash
Interns Dive Against Debris Data

Take part in the Dive Against Debris Course and be part of a huge movement to clear the ocean of trash.

Sign up below for this 1 day course and see what you can find underwater.

You can take the course as part of your Marine Conservation internship too, or add it on top of a Marine Conservation Course – the choice is yours.

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Dive Against Debris Diver

* 1 Day & 2 Dives.
* Dive Against Debris Diver Certification.
* Access to the Dive Against Debris database
* All materials are included.
* All scuba diving equipment included.
* Dive insurance included.
* No hidden extra costs.



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